Glancing through the news today, I happened on a troubling story. Some “expert” on warfare in Russia said,”Drop an a bomb on Yosemite Park. The US will crumble.” No shit! And the volcanic cloud will fill the air, and the sun would not be able warm the earth and everybody would die. I know Russia has a cold climate, but?


10 thoughts on “Brilliant!

  1. I’m with you on a chuckle about stuff from Russia. But on a show today I heard something that has troubled me some for a while now. That with Russia because of mutually ensured destruction we were ‘safe’. Not so with enemy of today. They want to push the button. Too much?


      1. I hope that you are right. But, do you think that a group of people who have no qualms about killing their own, oppressing their women folk, and practice a religion that promotes the destruction of all who don’t believe the same as themselves as caring about self destruction?


      2. That is only a portion of the religion that those people claim to represent. Just as the southern baptists preach “Spare the rod, and spoil the child” And the Christians Crusades were no walk in the park for disbelievers either!


      3. Sometimes it only takes a portion of a population to be protagonistic enough to influence the rest of the population to follow… (see National Germany)


      4. William, yes the Crusaders were indeed merciless. Their methods that they used to obtain compliance and /or conversion were brutal.
        But access to a means to kill masses of people were nonexistent. Yes, they killed and tortured in the name of religion and went above and beyond to get the results required of them by the Pope.

        Islam condemns members of their faith to death for converting to another religion. Islamic leaders call for the death and destruction of “infidels” (us). AND in this time have means to create havoc and to kill multitudes. I do get that a small number of them have that mindset. If that small number gets possession of bio, chemical or nuclear weapons their duty would be to follow the wishes of their leaders. If those wishes include to kill masses of people then it would only take a handful.


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