Been To a Restaurant Lately?

I like children for the most part, even the ones with tongues out and fart. I enjoy kids all dressed up and cute and babies on a rug in their birthday suit. I love adolescents when they talk to their mother, even when at the shopping center. I adore grown children even when they stumble,and make a faux pas at the dinner table. I do not like parents who do not teach their offspring, politeness, and manners, and respect for other folks things. I do not respect parents who do not bring to the table anything, that allows their children to grow into human beings!


5 thoughts on “Been To a Restaurant Lately?

  1. oh my! that seems to be a growing problem of the “smart generation”, nothing is more infuriating than when kids keep misbehaving and the parents just sit there least bothered and you want nothing more than to put some sense right into them

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