A meaningless flight

Walking on shadows, one step at a time, shadows do not squeak, they do not squeal. If they are not seen, it is because there is no light, but always they lie just under the feet. Hearing or feeling, a useless endeavor, put down your tongue; they taste like dirt. Scary to some, pretty to others; I do not care, I tread on them. The scariest shadow cast on a wall, falls to the ground;somewhere. Walk on your shadows, it does not hurt their hue, but you cannot scrape them off the bottom of your shoe.


3 thoughts on “A meaningless flight

  1. Yes, this is definitely beautifully written, William. Shadows are fascinating things, aren’t they? To think that Perter Pan kept losing his and had to sew it back onto his foot. Fortunately, not all shadows have minds of their own. 🙂

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