Moving on

I do not quite know where I am going again, but I know when I land all will achieve the balance we need. Change can be good, and it will be for me. There will be new horizons I have not seen.The new owners of this resort, you see, after four years common sense they could not see. City folk with a purse full of cash, just could not help showing their ass. I know they will put the blame on me, But trying to help them more I just cannot see. Ownership to them is the pride, caring for guests and the property was my pride. I kinda, sorta wish them well, then again I wish they would go straight to hell.Now I understand that comment was rough, but they do not really know what makes this place go, and I know when we are gone, they will see that it’s tough. Once I get where I am going I will be free of this place, that has taken all my time for over a decade. Like some prisoners I am told miss their former abode, and the regular pace that dictates ones life, I feel quite confident I will be sitting square in the middle of my saddle; I will be going somewhere!                Within the next week I will probably be off the “air” for a few days till I can get reconnected so to speak. Keep your eye on the screen. I will return!


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