What a Trip

All along the hallway that stretched until the horizon cut it out of view, the portraits hung beside the doors, against walls of a pasty hue. Slowly treading along that hall while viewing the images along the way, a pattern seemed to reveal to me, a plan behind it all. A twist here and there upon a doorknob or two, revealed nothing but an inclination toward privacy. Some semblance of sense the paintings now began to make. On one side of the extended hall most figures resembled me or others in my family, no pattern could be distinguished upon the opposing wall. Twenty years walking it seemed until the opposite images made sense being the mates chosen by family in the branches of the family tree. Doors began opening beneath the hand that plied the knob, and revealed a bit at a time, of times long gone but remembered still as stories in the family blog. Further away the end of the hall came slowly  into focus, and noticeable now  one could realize the unevenness of the doors, and peeks inside revealed strangers to me that blended into the other side, the features folding themselves into members indeed of my family! Happily now, the steps came quicker, peering behind the barriers became much more fun to see. Viewing the family of memories exciting now to remember. Then curiously, espied on the floor instead of hanging near a  door ; Closely I bent down and the photo was me, the trap door opened and I fell, screaming into eternity!


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