Toughest Decision Ever!

I have been battling through this writers block, and I am trying to get just one point through. I have the knowledge to make myself whole, but no guts to follow through. Never did I ever wish to hurt any who trusted in me, but of course I am just human,it happens inadvertently. I do not believe I have done such a thing purposely , but to cure my ill I am afraid that I will and that thought tortures me. It seems that as I get older I much prefer to spend a lot more of my time alone. Simple it seems till you realize a long time companion I would have to send home. Nearly two decades mostly side by side, we have raised our progeny and helped with theirs too. Now I feel the need to have the freedom to finish my life as I choose, especially since my partner has chosen another route. As I said before, it works against my grain to put pain onto people when they have nothing to blame. So what may be the chivalrous course to work out of my dilemma?


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