Common Man?

Early morning, and sleep seems so far away, perhaps punching buttons will “will” these eyes to close. Here hope may help to ease this mind, and allow this tired body rest for the night. Looking over the international news,many of my blogger friends ,from my point of view, seem to be in constant danger every day, or does media coverage make things seem that way? In the states with coverage dense, every who listens hears of tragic events that occur every day, though sometimes a thousand miles away; the news seems to come from just next door. Some things I know ,like how tough it can be, to access the internet from across the ocean. Even now I sit and wonder how many agencies are tracking me, for simply sharing some common, human shared values with the folks I have chatted with across the seas. How badly slanted can the news that we see, be aimed at herding the huge herd of sheep,[IE people who do  not really listen] to the Propaganda that swells from every formal post,thus guiding public opinion into numbers they can count, and thusly sway populations opinion into whatever which government has decided it’s position. I am no fool, and I know that it is true, that different leaders lead and others push, and no single one of us, no matter where we live, can singly make any change. Just bless us for trying, in the communications we have to share the experiences of a common man.


10 thoughts on “Common Man?

  1. The part of the world I come from, I can relate to the words so well. Yes, it’s an everyday struggle to be honest, to step out of homes and go make a living and perhaps never make it back home in the evening but then we have our lives to go on with, we still go and hang out with friends and families, adjusting with what we can and finding whatever peace we can make do.
    The media and the government has the people in control by the leash, that unfortunately is global, so widespread and across everywhere. It’s easy too though, considering human beings don’t like to think at all for themselves or others *sigh*

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  2. Seems the common man is after all not a common man.. He is always a part of some statistics and data, which he rarely becomes aware of and very remotely in need of the data or the result.. 😉

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      1. What’s there to guide? Just join me on the trip and we could share our perspectives..

        You have your own unique way of viewing..
        Let’s explore further in the future posts.. 😉

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