Grow’in Chickens

Listen to the chickies peep,peep, peep, annoying me till I can,t sleep, little chickies, little chickies, those damn little chickies gonna keep me up all night ! First thing in the morning I’m gonna run, away from the chickies ,but I can’t fly. If they keep it up until they’re grown, I might have to have a chicken fry. Little chickies, little chickies, cute as can be but they really annoy me, little chickies, little chickies. I just can’t take it until they are grown. I remember last year, two months long, chickies in the house singin’ all night long little chickies, little chickies. I know I will hate till the time you turn all brown! By then I will have you out in the yard, but I still won’t sleep, cause the varmits all are after chickies, after chickies. but I won,t sleep if I can,t hear them peep! MY chickies, Well after I’ve fed them now month after month, and if one half are left, I,ll be happy for the chickies, I,ll be happy for I,ll finally get my bacon and eggs!          TOMORROW!RAISIN’PIGGIES


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