H ave you ever waited for the dam to break, knowing the flow would be more than you could take? I know dams can be built to hold back anything, water or mud, or about anything. And if you are below this dam in calm times, you know how safe it seems. Some dams stand forever it seems, in the short time that we humans sing , and some so strongly built are they, the idea that they may be built on the clay of the substrate deep under ground, seems so out of reach we believe anyway, that whatever they have been built for forever will, protect us from drowning in case of a spill. Now we really know that it is a fact , that nothing on earth is immune from a crack, so how can anyone on earth deny, that dams between countries, or races, or religions can survive? FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE JUST A SHIVER WILL CRACK THE SHELLS OF ALL THE DEVICES OF MEN! Perhaps then we can start all over again.


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