Do not we all wish to explain how we came to be, what we are today? I sometimes wish for the words to mesh, just one single week in my life in the flesh. Every minute that passes leaves a bit that is different than anyone else, alive on the planet;a little bit different than any one else. So every minute that passes leaving each a little apart because life does not require we live physically attached to our true mate, till chance brings together two together so close, and one and the other, and miniscule work brings a couple together, till they finally sense, twas meant to be that they belong together. There is however much more than together; that makes a relationship be. What of the time spent apart from the other that in reality sets the tune, of the magic and music, we may rock to too soon. Am I just a favorite, or am I Really the One,too many times we do not take the time to tell. Then again I am no guru, to say for certain if the pair of you are meant forever to be; the perfect couple. Only time will tell and that is the gamble. The night grows late and I merely ramble, and passing the time to see; if anything I wrote on this page makes sense to any but me.


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