Today has been a busy day. I am very tired. Well I was very tired, until I checked my blog,and every one was posting and communicating[more of that should be done, honestly] so I decided I would Write a masterpiece! “What about, my weary mind thought,there is nought going on but the winter passing, and the spring springing, and the greenery greening, and the fishing getting fisherier. Oh, something like that, any way, after the morning fog and the last two days rain, the time had come for me to go to work moving my boat docks back onto the bank since the last two days rain had raised the lake level two feet in thirty six hours, [in the middle of which negotiations on an older lake cabin, that I hope to move into, if I can make the deal in the next three weeks], required my attendance to duty for a full afternoon of running my little boat in summerlike sunshine, stopping off every little while to pull, push and crank, those docks up further on the bank[ mostly for people who live far from here, then again from them I receive two checks a year] so I can deposit those checks in the b___. Complaining here is really not the issue, I just realized what a diatribe is building, so I will stop, and continue with my original thought. After a long winter, making forays onto the water during the cold days, and never another boat I would see, over the twenty miles my services lie?lay, til today. The weather was warm, 60 and sunny, and every fishing boat within [well I do not know how far, but there seemed to be a lot of them]. It really turned out pretty nice[ though  on couple of my stops it would have been nice to have three hands, and two bodies to carry them to help out a bit, though I am not bitchin cause I am a Pro] because without fail, a hand waving hale, would bring the same back to me.[except for the folks that thought I was spying on one of their secret fishing holes.Got those memorized] So with no wet feet, not cuts on my knuckles, the boat did not sink and I got done with my work, and never saw one fisherman on the lake give a JERK! {did not miss out on anything}  NICE DAY


4 thoughts on “TO NICE TO CATCH

  1. There was a song in my youth by the Partridge Family” and to quote the title of one of their favorite tunes,”I Think I Love You” Your remarks on my stuff not only makes me happy, but also shows your own introspective capability.


  2. you write smart Will … you always sneak in an enviable line e.g. ”here is nought going on but the winter passing” … I enjoy reading your posts because of the sounds you create in one’s head as they read… a kind of melody…

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