last thoughts on a late night

If the barb is in the q, and the meat is in the stew, what shall we have to eat tonight, the alphabet soup? my jeans are getting tighter our my stuff is getting larger. if body painting gets more popular the art will take away millions of jobs. cell phones are becoming a buffer to the burgeoning population on earth. editors are like sharks. they take what they like and the rest is changed. news is important if one keeps up with it. blues are important if one keeps up with them. truth with out tact can be cruel.tact and diplomacy without truth is politics. games without rules are anarchy, I know the chicken came before eggs, because the chickenhouse was empty before we added chickens,flat tires are a bitch, i love wet t-shirt contests,I join in whenever I can,my luck is so bad, i do not know i’been had. I just cannot trust an honest accountant. when the fire is put out what happens to the spectators? at one time I thought a had a really good grip on myself[for a little while] some people can not smile cause their brain cells are rooted to the anal sphincter, could you imagine dreaming with me? the noise would keep you up all night.


2 thoughts on “last thoughts on a late night

  1. That’s something interesting.. The way our mind wanders from one thing to another unconnected thing..

    It’s one thing to go through, but writing it down is a really wonderful read.. šŸ™‚

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