Spring has almost arrived

In my tiny speck of the world winters icy grip is easing, and now with a few sunny days in a row and the temperatures above freezing .[freezing as in the point  when water molecules quit moving, not as in running round nude with hair a’blowin in the wind] the time rapidly approaches when we must asses the ravages of winter.[ Actually had slapped on a zip up hoody and headed out the door,when furious gust of wind(probably 10-15 miles per hour) forced a hasty retreat back into the cabins safety] Nearly chilled to the bone from that wintery blast, I headed into the shower. With the water turned up as warm as it could get, I stripped off my clothes and jumped in there real quick and nearly let out a [manly] scream as my hand grabbed ahold of the handle of the shower. Turning the temp down eased my pain slightly while my eyes glanced down seeking damage control. Thankfully starting out, white my skin was merely pink, no blisters could I find. [yes, ladies I checked every thing] So slathering up my thinning long hair, I let that hot water flow’ till the my head was rinsed clean and the water had driven the chill from my bones. Snatching the towel from its rack placed shoulder high just outside of the shower door, and started wiping off excess water. The steamy mirror had begun to clear, so I  searched for the winter time ravages. A bicep check turned out ok[after all I’d spent most of the winter doing 12 ounce curls] the pecs still looked pretty male. If I turned just right into the light, I think I caught sight of an abdominal shadow.  Turning back to the other side I saw I was right about the shadow, but it seemed rather strange cause the shadow ranged too far down my torso. I decided right then to begin my yearly regimen and  regain my shape before spring.The first thing I did was dispose of the straws[ If I was thirsty I would have to lift up the bottle] and the refrigerator took its place back in the kitchen. The trashcan moved from beside the recliner, the table stand cleared of the top heavy load [snacks left over I think from this years Super bowl] stood neat and slim and trim[ Too early a reminder of why it had stood there so I tossed it out the room] A tap on my door summoned me half way cross the floor[ wait a minute I called] then I hurried into my room,and grabbed some pants and a T-shirt too[ seems my resolve had been so intense that I had forgotten to dress] Jerked on my shirt, stumbled into my britches and ran to answer the door. Outside on the ground,I saw my buds on the ground rolling and laughing at me. When I turned round and saw my curtains all open, I decided right then and there, Never again would I allow winters’ end  send my resolutions into a panic.[I will let you know how THAT works out!]


4 thoughts on “Spring has almost arrived

  1. You have an amazing way with words and the flow is just the right way.. Touch of humour makes it sparkle..

    If I may suggest something, kindly break down your posts into multiple paragraphs.. It’s bit hard on the eyes..

    Since I’m looking forward to your further posts, I would prefer it to be so..

    Keep rocking.. 😎


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