It is one of the clock in the early morning, and sleep is far from my mind. I do not know if it is because I slept most of this day, or if I have something to say. Say is an obtuse word, when I really mean to write. And to hear on the news , when a paper you have read, is not the proper use, of our language you see, as it is meant to be does not allow for any aints. Subject to this the thoroughness that this language has prescribed. It is amazing to me any one can read the madness that I write. From Latin we take most of the medicine we make, From the Spanish we load our table; or the Chinese , Italians, or Irish stew, Our words come together somewhat askew. Borrowed from the French and before the Gaelic blend, and send forth the native American blend. From around the world north, east, west and south we find the words to fill our mouths The African continent gave more than a few of the words that we use, as well as the countries in East Europe, and Mideast, and far East too, this mismatched tongue I speak as my own, is arduous study, and I sincerely sympathize. I am simple happy that you took the trouble!


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