Good night

Today has been so beautiful, and a little nasty too. It is okay , the balance seemed to come out right. I really though would like to feel just one twenty four hour time, when I had no reason for argument, and smiles the entire day. It seems to me, sometime ago, such days occasionally occurred , yet in this present time I live, there does not seem much of a hope of my witnessing that now, there’s less than a half a chance. It would be easy to do if only I had one day to myself. The things I could see, and touch, and smell would not be instigated by somebody else. Just to laugh and be free for a little while, after all these years of responsibility, and I could feel just like a child. Safe in my yard and imagination cut loose, I could pick the dandelions, and rub them on my arms and pretend that I suffered the yellow jaundice. Then when my Mom called out to me, to say it is time for lunch. I could climb up into the mulberry tree and add purple to my hunch,that when I climbed down and fell to the ground, the grass stains of green would really look mean on the knees of brand new blue jeans. Then when her ire was up,and she had me by the arm, I could fall in the mud near where she had watered her flowers. when exasperation set in , and her face turned scarlett when the whole situation was dire. I could look up at her with my tooth missing grin, and say “Love you Mom, Is it time to go in.”:)

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