Hide and seek

Probability says that I should not Write tonight.  The rush of anxiety has me boiling over the top of the kettle holding my brain. So I will not write but merely copy a piece I previously penned. Wish me luck.                    A brain is like a factory, Modeling ideas, Thoughts, Emotions, Desires.The controls of the mind directs the lines to manufacture Response, Movement, Action, Control. Reaction to the outside input handles the strength and force we exude, to Pain,Pleasure, Heat, and Cold. Pressure to conform, Pleas to stay, love you this way. Electrical current carried down nerve pathways to the Glands Secretions, and the Duct ways drains, make the muscles twitch to a smile or frown; genetic codes embedded in cells, determine eye color, blue, green or brown.The gifts and burdens of this genetic fix along with the societal normal where individuals live, create the balanced person, who ideally, who can thrive and grow exponentially. But most times, life is “alive” and we all need to learn and grow, to create what is meant to be a perfectly balanced being. The problem I see with this creatively, is that the miniscule pieces of what it take to build a life, are too difficult to place with the tools that we wield.There are many who profess the knowledge to “correct” what nature has given, but the depths of the brain are separately given. With nothing equal, nothing exactly the same, I would dare anyone to sort out MY brain. Now established, difference is a given, the challenge now is to find where I fit in.


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