I met you at the club that night.Your smile made the room so bright! I bought you a drink, and then we danced till midnight on that wood dance floor. Closing time came and I did not refrain from insisting I give you a ride, home we started, but not to yours, we made a quick stop by the liquor store and purchased some fine champagne. The bridge out over the bay we took, and ended at my door. Your warmth I felt when I took your coat, then let it fall to the floor. Amazed I wast cause all my eye met, was you in a body suit of silk fishnet. You asked me then in a husky voice if the party was over, “of course not” I said,and began turning down the lights.A tap on the remote and sweet music did float, through the space of the living room. The slow dance was on and we finished it close, then the glance that you gave made me step to your face and the very first kiss we shared. Our bodies were so close that I had not noticed, while dancing you’d stripped me bare. The gentle caress as we rubbed our chests, brought a gentle moan to my lips.And when you shared your tongue with mine, then kissed me on the neck, I ran my hands through your hair, and down your back and cupped your sweet derriere. The warmth of your stroke ran down my chest and counted my abs on the way.So I swelled my chest, for a while you did the rest,but I caught you just in time. Then laid you back on a comforter of down and lightly nibbled my words on you chest. Not quitting there, cross your stomach so bare, my attention wandered and you never told me to stop. When you finished writhing, I laid on you gently and  touched the stiffness of my love to the moistness of your crotch. I held myself there till we commonly shared the depths of ardor, when you slowly stopped I held myself there and you begged me to let you be. Instead I held very still till your opened your eyes wide and then we finished our thrill. I sighed and sagged to the blanket so  happy and content. But when I looked back up and saw you now full dressed, imagine my pallor when I heard the words you breathed. “Good job Rob, but I got to go! You owe one thousand dollars!”


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