Soap operas, Gossip and,neighborhoods

When I grew up, most people I knew, had conversations most  every day. Some on the phone while sitting alone, some on the street with the neighbors, and treat anyone who could hear the latest go around of Hollywood stories and neighborhood news. Although these stories were somewhat entertaining,my youthful mind could not tell them apart,Cause the folks speaking their parts seemed as serious in speaking about the neighborhood stories as the Hollywood givings. Then something grew inside of me, and I began to see, the difference between gossip and the things folks had seen on TV.One was scripted, the other painful and real. I realized young that I could not compete with the TV studio, so I came up with a recipe, that could not fail with the gossiping masses. Now I am writing it down so it cannot be forgotten, how soap operas are produced as entertainment, and gossip is a road many listeners hear as news, and when children listen to both they are naught but confused.                                                           Gossip , you see, is easy to grow,I have seen stories sprout from the time of my youth till the time it is now. The ingredients are simple and easily found, and once put together you can pound to the ground, any person you dislike (or even like if you’re careless); Merely wait till your victim stumbles in life, then snatch the snag that tripped them,and take my advice. Now is the time to make your move, expound on the worst that could possibly happen.Now[Insert the name here] stir up the pot with what you have heard and imagined,[ exaggerate here] , then mix in some dung from a yard that is near, now everything is ready for a public announcement. Attribute the post to someone else, my dear


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