I am feeling a little bitchy tonight. I do not like being in a discussion and getting ready to make my point, and suddenly realize that the subject has been changed. I would like to think that I need brighter company, but that would entail a divorce and a move into what? Maybe a smarter neighborhood would help, but how can I find one? My people here are good people, solid people,(they seem to pay their own bills) but seem to have the imagination of a Hydrox Cookie, they seem to get better when they are dipped in milk. Impossible it seems to me, when gossip rules the daily news.(not to say that every piece of gossip has a trace of truth in it) For me things work out much better when I talk to the folks involved,(if I care), and find what is going on. Of course strong gossipers hate this approach since it cuts the stories short) I personally like being the subject of gossip. I learn a lot about myself that way. Rarely is there need to set stories straight,(mostly they self destruct), and if they do not I have been honored with another layer of mystery. Right now I am so mysterious the branson network would like to start a series on me. I wish them the best, though I think Brad Pitt is busy right now. The best thing about having folks wondering about you, they are not picking on someone else.Though I can think of a few who need picking.Gotten by with stuff so long even the worst do not ask their opinion.If they do not fall from the tree soon, I may feel the need to take a long walk with my chainsaw. We can ground them yet! Oh well, I have vented, (glad noone here to smell that) and feel much better now. Sorry to dissapoint any who thought enlightenment was on the table. (I steal rocks from the beach and sell them to combers) I think it is time to take a break and enjoy the rest of the worry, (I believe I shall be returned to the streets in four to six weeks) Until tomorrow, take care and be yourself.


3 thoughts on “nonsense!

  1. People can be impossible to deal with. why not pick a book and read than discuss and ruin others *sigh* I see you. I always wanted to move to pluto when I was a kid because there is so much to handle here

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