Bitchin makes it better

An hour later, and even though I am an hour wearier, I cannot dispel my wretched mood. I have pushed my limits over the last few days. I pulled a young couple from the mud of the thaw, back onto the highway so the young couple who were celbrating their third anniversary cold continue on their way. It was an awesome thing to helpΒ  them out and their hugs and kisses left me no doubt that I had just finished a wonderful day. Two days later it happened My timing to the store worked out perfectly for the young nurses aide, who had to turn around and stop at the small convenience store.I heard him talking on his cell phone saying to his boss” I am trying to get there but I can not make the hill. I told the nurses aide not to worry, my four wheel drive Ford would get him there. So he threw his stuff (clothes for the next few days) into the back and we had a nice drive on the snow packed road 20 miles of chatting and I dropped him at the door of a four star elderly home, He offered gas money that I turned down so good did I feel from the smile offered me. Two days later and the weather turning nasty once again, while I was filling my gas cans for my boat that I use to move my customers docks when the lake changes its level,and I pulling out to leave saw a man just off the parking lot, holding a cardboard sign that said simply”no gas” Arizona tags on the back bumper , traveled east for a job that did not materialize. One can of my gas I poured in his van as I needed the rest for my duties on the lake later on. A middle eastern fellow from Iraq or Iran he smiled and blessed me with tears in his eyes. So I was feeling very good ’bout myself till I pulled into the resort,and drove down to the dock to fill up my boat. Funny I thought as I stepped onto the walkway, my boat seemed to be gone, at first any way. And when I stepped up to the slip my boat was tied in, the floating fuel tank gave the story away. The damn thing had sunk while I was away. Tomorrow I will grab my ropes and my winches, and the neighbors big pump and float the bitch up. (Sorry about that but boats are referred to as women) I have done this before, I do not expect any hitches. And it ought to be clean by the time I am done.I think that now I have put everything in writing, I suppose it has been a pretty good week, all in all.


19 thoughts on “Bitchin makes it better

      1. I am sorry for I must chuckle. ” Can you hear me now” is an American slogan for a cell phone company. With the play on words you did “hear” me, since you replied. I do beg your pardon.


  1. Well, you certainly got all that off your chest, William. It’s so unfortunate that after all the nice things that happened, and good deeds you did, that your own boat sank. I hope the ‘bitchin’ did make you feel better and I’m glad you thought it was ‘a pretty good week, all in all’. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks. The good thing about theboat was;first of all i have had several occasions to refloat peoples boats on our dock, and now all the little bits of trash that are normally hard to catch have floated out so I do not have to clean it! πŸ˜‰

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