Thanks for the teaching

In the short time I have been blogging, many parts of life that I thought I understood have shattered upon the rocks of shores only pictured in my mind. Communication with people who live in places I see only on the news has opened these eyes to the realities folk live with daily. I read words from real people who make it clear, that life is life, and we all strive to deal with circumstances beyond our control, then search for some happiness in the time we have left over. The world so large to a man such as me, shrinks to a neighborhood in which we, by now,should know each other by name.(so to speak) I know that no one can truly like everyone, too varied are humans and their environments. I have found however a common theme. It seems the need to be liked and understood is almost universal among free thinking people. I shall cut this blog short because I understand many of the souls of this world lack the ability to think freely, and I do not wish to hurt any feelings.


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