someday, you will understand

We all understand about generations, don’t we? I mean,like,my Mom and Dad seemed to know just what to do, as the years ran along and the family grew. We would all gather ’round the tv in the evening, and listen to Walter tell us the world was grieving,over the latest societal wrong, and how we on Earth surely could not last very long. And how were the children who knew nothing now, could survive twenty more years without” them” around to show them how.I used to laugh at the rustic old couple, who just did not “get it” in the “now new” generation. Now my folks were pretty smart, in their smarmy old way, and they lived alright till the end of their days. Now MY set of peers, who know most of all there is to know, are beginning to take their last blow. And my daughter seems to be acting like she knows better than me, and that was one thing I never raised her to be. She once seemed to think that my shit did not stink, until she gained her own knowledge and the smell of her ink. Okay I say to myself, a lot has gone on, and she is doing alright in a world in which I thought she would flounder, But the new things blinding my sight she saw as normal and thought I was in trouble. SENIORILITY, OLDTIMERS, and other odd things, SELECTIVE DEAFNESS , REPRESSED MEMORIES, and other young schtick, she would give and still does, but I can still smile,  while she is looking behind, while my wheel she grinds, my grandkids are creeping behind her!

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