So I sit at my key board, slowly churning out words about all the mixed up information running through my mind. Just bits and pieces of stuff from the news, opinions of professionals and bloggers like you. No coalescence to reinforce an idea, nothing with enough proof to feed to the media. Some thoughts of Africa-post apartheid, some wanderings of legalizing cannabis on the state side, some musings of troubled middle east countries, new information of Chinas new Navy, What will happen in Russia, or North Korea, will Greece turn away from the European Union? Will Canada’s  new stance change the global condition, Can munitions makers profits change the face of a nation? When the worlds monies end up in the bank of entrepreneurs , and big corporations, will that make a change in how our world works? I have just  to buy the planets very best juicer, while I “pay myself first” so I might live through the ages, that is if a pharmaceutical invents a new drug that will cure whatever ailment I may suffer, or just something else that claims ” we kill acne”.Will tomorrow bring the latest conspiracy theory ,or another religious guru tell me I should not worry. For just a little bit of money, I will validate personally your way into heaven. Will the new tires from overseas get me through the winter as the seller guarantees? Can I maintain my composure while the world breaks apart? If I can in the morning I will tell, when my day starts.  Will Lassie save Timmy from the well? Goodnight


4 thoughts on “GoodNight?

  1. Oh dear . . . I think you’ve just written a good recipe for insomnia, William: too many questions to contemplate until dawn! Hehe. They made enjoyable reading, though – such a wide variety of topics and all written out quite perfectly. Sweet dreams. 🙂

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