Boy am I Glad I DID NOT get POLIO

Small pox nearly wiped out the Native American a few hundred years ago. The US government exacerbated that little episode by handing out blankets contaminated with the virus. The blankets came from hospitals where the blankets were used to keep European settlers warm while they rested and allowed the antibodies in their blood kill the virus. More Native Americans died from smallpox than from battle back the,because they had no antibodies in their blood to fight off the disease.  When I was very young, I went to school with several kids who suffered with polio. Some died, most were crippled,and carried a badge for the rest of their lives to show they had “won” the battle”;{ twisted, crippled, useless, limbs or spines} Dr. Jonas Salk came up with a medication called a “vaccine”. The vaccine caused the body to develop antibodies to fight the polio virus and eliminate it before it could cause permanent harm, and worked very well for the most part. My daughter and my grandkids have never seen anyone carrying the effects of polio. Countless lives were saved. This method was then used to create vaccines for many other common Childhood diseases, such as pertussis(Whooping cough) Rubella (measles) mumps.Before vaccines those who survived these childhood diseases, did not get them again because their bodies had developed natural defenses to the viruses that caused them. The remainder died.         Just because these vaccines worked so well, many parents assumed the diseases had been wiped out and decided to forego vaccinating their children . Unfortunately since enough children have gone unvaccinated for a while, these old childhood diseases are making a comeback. Perhaps if enough new parents do not get their children vaccinated, my grandchildren will get their very first look at a polio victim.                    I wrote this piece as simply as I could, so that everybody can see what a simple process this is. If anyone would care to debate why these people saving procedures should not be fully utilized please comment.

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