Little symbols of desire

Today I feel completely overwhelmed. For some insane, or logical confluence of the streams of antiquity and the future, I have absolutely no grievances to bear, nothing particular to celebrate; in short I feel a calmness not enjoyed by me for a very long time. Today there seems to be nothing to hurry after, nothing to wait for, and certainly “nothing to get hot about” (Strawberry Fields?) The truth of the matter, perhaps lies within the chasms of my mind, wherein the chasms of my mind are truly wider(ie the space between the left and right cerebral lobes) than the average.This configuration ,I say, gives my words time to play before they get committed to an eternity of order that they might not naturally wish to stay. Tough luck words,I think I gotcha where I wantcha! Now, that being said, this narration must continue, if for no other reason, to rack up my word count for this evening. Todays’ research involved Valentines (saint or secular) day, and Cupid,(who interestingly enough has more or less the same depth of history) and whether or not they corraborate  our modern version of personal like and/or love. My research seems to show, not surprising to me, that the mixing of the two entities is definitely a modern invention.(most probably concocted in the cellars of “Hallmark”)Now Valentine, who we know is a Catholic(no offense,but he is a Saint and in modern days maybe not,or depending on my sources he may be an undersaint, (who to the best of my knowledge means he is a saint as long as his day does not interfere with a “full” saints day)It seems there were several Valentines throught the first A>D years but it seems that most of them ended clubbed and/or stoned to death, and /or beheaded, after restoring a blind girls sight before becoming a friend to the king of the time, or restoring her sight just after Valentine tried to convert the king to Christianity. Over the next couple of hundred years it seems a few more Valentines, Valentinas,and Valentenies popped up now and again, until”Hallmark” took control of his destiny. (Can St Valentine survive”Hallmark?”) Now the crux of the situation rears it’s ugly head. Years and years,(lots of them) before Mr.Valentine was thought of, even in a wet dream, two Latin gods (well a god and a goddess) hooked up and had Cupid.Or if you spoke Greek his name was Eros{hence erotica} I could not find in my research how long it was before Cupid became the foremost archer in the land, but eventually the lad developed a penchant for targeting would be lovers in the heart and turning them into real lovers.(ie see Cinderella)FYI under the guise of Eros, some ancient Greeks, said that Eros/Cupid was indeed a primordial god who being a product of asexual conception,thus ranking third in the current vernacular, (their current, not ours) had power to divide other gods power, though I cannot think of why he might.Other newer folk passed the story around till there were three different Cupids, but  I digress.Now, back to the present world, where “Hallmark” has designated that the Fourteenth of February{neatly placed twixt Christmas and Easter}shall be the time when lovers, and wannabe lovers, purchase massive amounts of flowers{better be a rose} candy, diamonds, ID bracelets, and lots and lots of Valentine cards. All of these objects, intended to replace Cupids arrows and St Valentines good intentions {Ever since Hall mark bought their copyrights} continue to be the crux upon whether, and to whom’each of us will bond. THE END LOVE YOU ALL

2 thoughts on “Little symbols of desire

  1. An interesting ramble. I’ve never looked up much about Cupid/Eros, but I found out a few things about St, Valentine when I did my Valentine post a few weeks ago. I don’t think it was Hallmark who designated February 14th at the day, though! Haha. But I enjoyed your reasoning. 🙂


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