I am simply too tired to write tonight

I am simply too tired to write tonight, not enough words to put into flight. I got nothing to swing or soar, without leaving some chance reader waiting for more. Today I did see two eagles in flight over the clear blue waters of the mid winter lake. Then just around noon it seems to me now, there must have been two hundred robins cross the field (think they must have been lost given the time of year)There were some old fall leaves the pin oaks finally gave up, along the bottoms of stone ledges that keep the dirt on the hill. Behind the laundry, and along the drive, tidied them by burning, or letting the western breeze blow them to my neighbors, not as bad as it seems cause I always end up helping clean what the wind does not blow into the forest that lies to the side. I did notice the lake level starting to get low, not having so far this winter much rain or snow. I very nearly went to the dock to get in my boat, to fish or to float, But too far to walk, too near to drive, I drank a cold beer and wandered inside. I searched my antennae tv, twelve stations in all, but could find no distraction so I stretched out on my bed. Napped clear to dinner and the sun going down, Now I am simply too tired to write tonight.

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