I found

After a tough beginning to a long winter day, I happened upon a smile. Not a huge wide grin, or rascous laugh, it was merely a simple, sincere smile. I think I found in in a convenience store while fetching my morning coffee.I liked it so much I took it with me, after leaving one of my own behind, of course mine was not quite so pretty. At my next stop I saw my chance and showed my newfound treasure to another seemingly disengaged soul who immediately took it from me and of course left me another. Another stop on my way home, a stop to pick up the mail, and I was confronted by not one person but two. I was really enjoying the last smile given, but graciously as I could I gave that one away and not wanting to be caught in the act of regifting, I screwed up my courage and invented another of mine on the spot. I beefed this one up with a glint in my eye and again received a better. The rest of my drive was quiet inside and out but I made it home that day with two treasures I had not begun with. Now I have no doubt in my mind that this thing I found is a treasure beyond compare. The more of them you give away, the more of them you can gather!


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